Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Asylum Alphabet

A is for Artemus, who swallowed a fly
B is for Bartholomew, who took out his eye
C is for Clifford, who was covered in cuts
D is for Darren, who ate his own guts
E is for Ernest, he thought glass was edible
F is for Fredrick, who's skin was sheddable
G is for George, who could see troublesome creatures
H is for Henry, who sliced off his features
I is for Ian, who was utterly insane
J is for Jeffrey, who had growths on his brain
K is for Kane, who itched at a rash
L is for Leopold, who unstitched a gash
M is for Monty, who suffered anxiety
N is for Niles, an outcast of society
O is for Oliver, who gnawed off his arms
P is for Patrick, who spoke to his palms
Q is for Quentin, who had schizophrenia
R is for Roderick, who practiced bulimia
S is for Spencer, who had violent fits
T is for Tim, who sewed on some tits
U is for Ulysses, possessed by demon
V is for Victor, who collected his semen
W is for Wallace, locked in a padded cell
X is for Xavier who perceived earth as hell
Y is for Yuri, who had an alter ego
His name was Zorro "buenos dias mi amigos"

The End

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